The courses taught by our group members.

Regular Offerings

Course number Name Taught by When offered
CS 241, CS 241e Foundations of Sequential Programs (enriched version) Ondřej Lhoták Each fall term
CS 343 Concurrent and Parallel Programming Peter Buhr, Ashif Harji Each fall term
CS 442/642 Principles of Programming Languages Brad Lushman or Prabhakar Ragde Each winter term
CS 444/644 Compiler Construction Ondřej Lhoták or Brad Lushman Each winter term

Recently Taught Graduate Courses

Course number Name Taught by When offered
ECE 650 Methods and Tools for Software Engineering Werner Dietl Fall 2015
CS 842 Automatic Memory Management and Garbage Collection Gregor Richards Fall 2015
CS 744 Advanced Compiler Design Nomair Naeem Spring 2015
ECE 654 Software Reliability Engineering Werner Dietl Spring 2015
CS 842 Virtual Machines for Dynamic Languages Gregor Richards Winter 2015
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